T-Pain and Lil Jon had us dancing all night during their “Verzuz” battle on Instagram Live. The “Buy U a Drank” singer revealed to “Variety Live!” that they may now take those same hit songs and turn it into a tour.

“What we’ve been talking about is taking that playlist from the battle and trying to apply it to a tour,” the rapper said. He added that the tour would include appearances from Pitbull, Usher, Ludacris and more.

Currently, they don’t have a set name for the tour but a few options have been placed on the table. “We might call it ‘The Jonathan Tour,’” he said. “’Crunkchella.’ We’ve also floated that around.”

The Epiphany singer is using social media to remain creative and stay engaged with his fans. He recently started the #tpainsongwritingchallenge on TikTok for musicians to make a video and song based on the beat he posted on Instagram.

“I hate to sound like a broken record –I know people have heard this phrase too much in the past two months — but in these trying times (laughs), I feel like giving back and releasing some of the love,” he said. “I’m not gonna use the beats. These are like therapy beats for me. I’m making them just staring at my computer, so why not let somebody get some shine off from it, not spend a ton of money and come out with something great from this quarantine.”

T-Pain recently released his single “Wake Up Dead” with Chris Brown. The title for the song was inspired by one of his favorite movies, Scary Movie 3. Previously, he’s spoken about how his label and management caused him to step away from music. Now, he’s had a change of heart.

“I used to always talk about how the industry held me back, how my management wouldn’t let me do things, and I think it was more me allowing that to happen,” he said. “The one thing I’ve never talked about is putting the blame on myself for allowing my life to go like that and allowing myself to succumb to authority.”

Check out his interview below.