The Game is truly an interesting figure. Last November, the west coast hip hop legend delivered his ninth and final album Born 2 Rap, which may or may not have received more attention for its album cover than the high-quality music contained within. Following previous videos for “Stainless” and “West Side,” he delivers a new clip for “Welcome Home,” which features the late Nipsey Hussle and features one of the most amazing verses heard from the Rollin 60’s rapper since his untimely passing:

“I was like, ‘f*** rap music’, I’m gon’ rob me a bank, starvin’ artists ain’t my style, that shit’ll drive me insane/

Gave my mind to these millions and my heart to the game, probably die up in these streets but I survive through my name/

Every n***a ‘round me killers and I doubt it’d change, if the police get behind us, we go out with a bang/

Early 2000s, Murder Inc. was a shame, we was sayin’ bullets got no names, n***a we was charismatic on these corners like 2Pac on stage…/”

The Bongo ByTheWay-produced cut samples Lamont Dozier’s “Shine.” The visual — directed by Stefano Bertelli and Seen Film — show uniquely animated versions of Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant playing a game of basketball, along with shots of Nipsey standing tall in his Marathon Store shopping center, the site of what would end up being one of the most tragic events in hip hop history.

Added to “Welcome Home,” The Game also released a lyric visual for “The Code,” which features Atlanta star 21 Savage and keeps the subject matter geared toward gang life and the streets over production from Mike Lowry, DONTMINDIFIDUKE, Titus E Johnson, Bongo, LongLivePrince, and TEC BEATZ.

You can check out both visuals below. If you’re late to the party, Born 2 Rap can be found here.