On Friday night (April 24), Lil Wayne debuted the first episode of “Young Money Radio” and needless to say, it was packed with surprises.

In a segment of the show titled “Wayne’s World,” Lil Wayne called Jessie Reyez, who is featured on the deluxe version of his Funeral album. I want to speak on some artists that are involved with the deluxe, and they’re also artists that I have a lot of respect for and I think they’re dope,” Wayne said of Reyez. “[The] reason I bring it up like that is ‘cause maybe y’all didn’t know too much about me knowing these artists.” In addition to previewing a new song with Reyez, Wayne also teased fans with a snippet that featured vocals from Tory Lanez.

Earlier this month, the New Orleans native announced on social media that he had something special up his sleeves for fans. “Got somethin’ special komin real soon! Y’all stay safe and healthy out there !! – Socially distant Tune,” he wrote to Instagram at the time.

Over the last few months, Wayne has shown that he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Back in March 2020, he appeared on “The Masked Singer.” After being eliminated, Wayne discussed his experience on the show. “I always hear everybody that does the show always talk about how it is being behind the mask and all that,” Wayne said. “And how they feel by not being seen and having to go throughout a few days or whatever being, you know, all that stuff. I didn’t get that feeling. Only thing I felt under the mask was, like, it was heavy. It was all good but I still didn’t understand being behind the mask and feeling something different. I didn’t get that feeling.”

Check out a snippet of Lil Wayne’s new music below. Are you looking forward to Funeral (Deluxe)?