From “Verzuz” battles to DJ D-Nice’s social distancing parties, the ‘Gram has been doing wonders for the culture lately. On Thursday night (April 16), Instagram Live gave way to another moment in hip hop history when Jim Jones and French Montana squashed their 15-year-old beef.

The two rap veterans chopped it up about their historic feud, new friendship and even teased the possibility of collaborating together in the future.

“15 YEARS OF BEEFING ENDED UP WITH LAUGHS AND WAR STORIES,” Montana captioned a snippet of their conversation. “BIG MOMENT FOR HIP HOP SHOUT OUT TO [Jim Jones.]”

“If there’s anybody out there watching from the young ni**as, man, learn from this,” Montana said during his and Jones’ chat. “Don’t waste 15 years in the game when y’all could have been getting all kinds of bags together.”

Jones agreed, adding that these Coronavirus-times are the perfect opportunity to let go of old feuds.

“There’s a lot of foolish beefs and foolish shootings and there’s a lot going on right now with everybody cooped up in the house,” he explained.

Last month, an interview with Max B surfaced online, which found the Wave Pack rapper also reflecting on his own beef and reconciliation with Jones.

“It was just egos clashing, a lack of respect. That sh*t don’t mix well, and next thing you know, we beefin’,” he’d said in the snippet. “As far as the content or whatever, it should’ve went a different way. I think today we would’ve handled the situation differently.”

“I think [it was] two egos coming together, two big personalities. We was young. We was all crazy, and now we’re here. We’re older, we got kids,” he continued. “[There’s] people looking at us, we gotta set the right example. We can’t be looking crazy out here. It is what it is, it’s all love. I’m trying to get back over on that plate.”

See more footage from Montana and Jones’ Live below.