Yella Beezy is back with another new single for 2020. Following February’s “Keep It In The Streets,” the Dallas star returns with “Headlocc,” which features assistance from Young Thug. On the Monstah Beatz-produced cut, the collaborators keep things very street:

Hey, hey, you bumpin’, I hope that you ‘bout it, n***a, got all of my lil’ n***as ridin’, n***a/

And your s***, they gon’ make you come out it, n***a, got Uzis and choppers, n***a/

You cuffin’ that b***h and she garbage, n***a, I shoot her a text, she come swallow, n***a/

We ain’t worried ‘bout him, we ain’t worried ‘bout s***, he so tender d***/”

Back in 2019, Yella Beezy dropped off his top 40 Billboard release Baccend Beezy, which saw 15 hard-hitting cuts and additional appearances from Thugger, Too $hort, NLE Choppa, Chris Brown, K Michelle, and more. He also ended last year with the catchy cut “Ay Ya Ya,” which features assistance from Ty Dolla $ign. In a recent interview with REVOLT TV, he spoke on how he and Ty$ linked up to create music together:

That was cool. On the tour, our rooms were next door to each other one day, he was just playing music real hard. They had big ass speakers, he’s playing the music real loud and I went over there. As soon as I walked in, he’s like, “Get on the song.” I didn’t even say wassup to him yet, he told me, “Get on the song” as soon as I walked in. I ended up playing “Ay Ya Ya Ya Ya” for him and he wanted to get on it.

You can press play on Yella Beezy’s quarantine visual for “Headlocc” below, which sees him enjoying various activities with some eye candy around his massive residence. As the clip doesn’t feature Young Thug, the full single is also available for fans to enjoy.