While Boosie Badazz has kept many people entertained with his wild and crazy Instagram Live videos, some people are still upset with his recent transphobic comments about Zaya Wade, Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter.

Back in February, the Wade family went public with their support for Zaya’s transition. Boosie took to Instagram pleading to Dwyane to think twice about letting Zaya become a girl.

“Don’t cut his dick off, bruh,” he said in the video. “Like, bruh, for real, if he gonna be gay, let him be gay. But don’t cut his dick off, bruh. Don’t dress him as a woman, dawg. He’s 12 years old. He’s not up there yet. He hasn’t made his final decisions yet. Don’t cut his fucking dick off, Dwyane Wade.”

In a recent virtual interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Boosie opened up about his past comments ruining financial opportunities for him.

“Lemme make this clear,” he stated. “I have nothing against no gay people. I got gay people in my family. My tour manager gay. They flipped it on me. You know what they do to my words.”

DJ Envy then asked Boosie if he had any regrets about what he said about Zaya. Boosie replied, “Shit, it’s kind of fucking with my money, but I meant everything I said and I’ll say it again.”

Charlamagne then asked the “Wipe Me Down” rapper if he felt like he needed to apologize to the Wade family.

“Nah… They already tried to do that,” he replied. “They were trying to hook up some shit with a meeting with uhh, JAY-Z. They say JAY-Z was gonna get him on the phone and all that shit, I need to apologize to save this, and save that.”

He continued, “Tell JAY-Z I don’t wanna talk. I’m not apologizing for shit. I don’t give a fuck if Jesus calling to get me to apologize. I said what I said, man. I felt that was right.”

Check out the interview below.