On April 17, Fredo Bang will deliver his new project Most Hated, which will presumably contain past releases “Waitin 4,” “Yo Slime,” and “Trust Issues.” Before the album’s aforementioned release, he switches things up with the more upbeat “Saucy,” which features production from go-to collaborators Hardbody B-Eazy and DJ Chose and sees the Baton Rouge emcee keeping things debaucherous with a certain somebody:

“Yeah, diamonds in my AP, check the time, you can’t see it, b***h wanna f*** on me, I got no time, I leave her dreamin’/

She told me to come and grant her wishes like a genie, thinkin’ on me and my mans, we might double team it/

I got b***hes in LA, MIA, going to Kansas, I can blow a kiss and make her p***y leave her panties/

Hopping off the jet, I made a bag as soon as I landed, b***h, I’m rich as f***…/”

The visual was directed by ShotByJolo and keeps things single, with Fredo Bang and a bunch of beautiful women performing in front of a Lamborghini. Chances are, you’ll want to watch this while you’re not at work.

Last month, Fredo stopped by Real 92.3 and revealed that, which he hasn’t been able to communicate with him, he and Boosie Badazz are in fact blood cousins. Since then, Boosie responded via social media with further explanation:

“It’s a lot of stuff that Fredo don’t know about. Fredo my cousin… It’s a lot s*** this n***a don’t know about. It’s a lot of s*** he don’t know about as far as that situation. I found out he was my cousin by my great auntie. She told me a year or something ago. It ain’t no hate or anything like that. Anybody in the city who doing their thing you know I want n****s to blow. I feel like when n****s blow from Baton Rouge. You know, that give us the power to make Baton Rouge the hub like LA, Atlanta and s*** like that. Any n***a who tryna blow, it’s good. I ain’t trippin on nobody. But yeah he my cousin.”

You can press play on “Saucy” below.