Guapdad 4000’s series on REVOLT called “The Valentino Vlog” gives watchers a glimpse into the exciting life of the Ferragamo Falcon. Check out the highlights of each episode, and be sure to tune in next time.

“The Valentino Vlog” is back with episode two. Before we all got locked in the house, Guapdad joined Thundercat on his “Spring 2020 Tour.” Broken into two episodes, part one follows the guys as they travel through five west coast cities, which included a star-studded Los Angeles show where Guapdad ripped the stage.

As a new artist and the tour’s opening act, the rapper set the tone for the show by bringing the energy of a true rockstar each night. Performing hits from his latest album, Dior Deposits, and featured tracks on Revenge of the Dreamers III, Guapdad gave the crowd something they didn’t even know they needed. Building a repertoire with the audience, Guap held his own and occasionally brought a friend or two into the mix to stir things up.

Off stage, the camera caught the star — in his usual form — soaking up the glory of the lifestyle he’s created for himself; which consists of having fun backstage, conceptualizing ideas and feeling like an all-star.

Check out our highlights of “The Valentino Vlog” episode two below!

1. Guap and Thundercat’s Brotherly Bond

Throughout episode two, Guap and Thundercat make it clear that they’re bond is bigger than music, but a true friendship. The first few shots show them going over their photo albums, sharing memories, and cracking jokes. They even go as far as suggesting to get tattoos of Barack Obama combined with anime character Spike Spiegel, while on tour. Guap laughs at a picture of him in his younger years. “I gotta use this as a cover art or something,” he said in awe of the old image. He and Thundercat then share a moment as they discuss an iPhone feature that allows you to hide pictures in your photo album. “I need to do that. I need to do better,” Thundercat laughs. Joking back with a word of encouragement, “If it’s anything n****s need to do, it’s better!”

2. Guap Hits The Stage

The episode does a great job of hitting the strong points of Guap during a live performance. “This [is] my first time out here on tour with my brother Thundercat and, man, do we have a show for y’all,” he said during one of his sets. He commanded the stage and delivered youthful energy from beginning to end — one sold-out show after another. During one of the stops, Guapdad even brought out a surprise guest, his friend and fellow rapper Buddy, to set the stage aflame. Even on film, you can feel the energy produced from a performance as lively as his.

3. The Dragonball Du-rag

To know Guap is to know he loves a good du-rag. Just before hitting the stage, Thundercat lets him in on a secret weapon he’d be keeping safe: a Dragonball du-rag. While playing one of Thundercat’s most popular hits, Guap hopped onstage, pulled out the du-rag and the crowd went wild. With a big smile, he grabbed a picture of the audience and welcomed all the love they could give.

4. Guap vs. Thundercat in a Backstage Dance Battle

Guap and Thundercat go toe-to-toe in a dance-off, of which we can assume from watching, the young star won the battle. His winning move was a smooth pop lock, as he hands his phone to Thundercat for a call. During the call, Thundercat confirms Guap’s W by simply stating, “He did it.” In another bonding moment from the two artists, you could see an authentic friendship, and what looked like fun and lax off-stage encounters between the guys.

5. Accountability With The Ferragamo Falcon

During the Los Angeles stop, Guap told the crowd that he’s changing up his habits and choosing to go a healthier route. “I’m on some health sh*t right now. I do drink a lot of Hennessy but I’m trying to quit soda,” he laughed. To uphold his word, the artist asked the audience for a little help. He added, “Every time y’all see me come take a drink of this water, I need y’all to cheer.” Guap then put the audience to the test, taking a sip and a loud roar erupted. Using everything he had within, Guapdad really showed the world his passion on stage and grew his fanbase every stop.