Last month, St. Louis star Smino delivered “Tempo,” his first official single of 2020 that follows last year’s loose drops “Reverend” and “Trina.” Today, he liberates a visual for “Reverend,” which — as he explained on social media before — was meant to be named “Rev Run.” Unfortunately, it seems as if the Run-DMC legend or his team weren’t too keen on the idea.

The song is produced by Manso Beats and PRODXVZN and sees Smino giving off pure confidence with some of his hardest raps to date:

“I walk in this b***h like I bought it, this floss I inherited, they never taught it/

I f***ed up her frontal, she roll like a fronto, I’m bringing the gold to the arch like McDonald’s/

Lately been missin’ my area, don’ got carried away, I keep some very strong in my carry-on like f*** they gon’ say?/

Hand me my keys, hand me my keys, keys, keys, run me my fee, I need that, capisce?/

Wheel, clutch, gas, all I wanna do is ‘ccelerate, keep the family straight, I couldn’t put that s*** a better way/

Of course I found the loopholes, I learnt it from the Lou’…/”

In the TopShotta-directed video, Smino travels to Alexandra Township in South Africa, where he can be seen hanging tight with the locals, chilling outside in a bathtub, chilling with a beautiful co-star and more. The clip is a hopeful sign that Smino will soon be delivering his official follow-up to 2018’s NØIR and — more recently — last December’s High 4 Da Highladays.

In the meantime, you can press play on “Reverend” below, which is available on all major streaming platforms. In related news, Smino connected with clothing brand HUF as part of their Sound Series Spring collection — you can check out that entire feature here.