21 Savage knows how to keep his fans entertained while he practices social distancing measures.

On Sunday (April 5), 21 went live on Instagram and sang his heart out during a classic session of karaoke. Throughout his live-streamed video, 21 crooned to Aaliyah’s “Come Over,” Beyoncé’s “Me, Myself & I,” Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” and more. In addition to singing, the ATL native also moved side to side to the beat in what appears to be the comfort of his home. After catching wind of the video, fans praised the “A Lot” spitter for putting a smile on their face in the wake of Coronavirus.

21 appears to be in better spirits after he was feeling under the weather earlier this month. At the time, fans believed that he might’ve contracted the virus after hearing his symptoms. After hearing several concerns, the I Am > I Was musician took his thoughts to his Instagram Story.

“I been breaking down my symptoms I been feeling and s—t. Everybody keep talking ‘bout it sound like coronavirus,” he said. “So I say, ‘OK, say less.’ Where could I have received this coronavirus from? So I go to thinking about my schedule. OK, where I went? OK, we went to the club the other night.”

He continued, “It feels like I have a sinus cold. That’s what I’m describing. It don’t matter what I describe. If I describe anything during these times, it’s automatically, ‘Oh, he got the coronavirus.’ I can call them folks and say whatever, they still gon’ say, ‘coronavirus.’”

On a lighter note, 21 is reportedly working on new music. Back in February 2020, Metro Boomin shared a photo of himself in the studio with his fellow Savage Mode collaborator.

Check out several clips from 21 Savage’s karaoke session below.