On Wednesday (April 1), REVOLT Media & TV announced that it would now be available to the Mediacom Communications audience. If you’re unaware, Mediacom is the 5th largest cable operator in the U.S. It’s also a leading provider to a number of smaller markets, especially in the Midwest and Southeast regions.

So, REVOLT is extremely excited to officially be included in the operator’s Sports & Information TV package because that means we’ll be reaching more people, as they tune into our unapologetically Hip Hop TV shows and documentaries.

“Mediacom serves key areas and communities, and we are thrilled to bring REVOLT’s Hip Hop culture to Mediacom customers in new and innovative ways,” said Roma Khanna, CEO, REVOLT Media & TV. “This added distribution and partnership with Mediacom comes at a time when there is a thirst for content.”

James Brown, the EVP of Content Distribution and Marketing at REVOLT Media & TV, also stated: “With content consumption and internet usage at an all-time high, it’s the perfect time for REVOLT to deliver the Hip Hop and culture centric content Millennials and Gen Z are craving. We have an engaging lineup of programming including NAACP Image Award nominated show ‘The Breakfast Club,’ ‘State of the Culture,’ ‘Funny AF’ and more.”

”We are pleased to add REVOLT TV to our television lineup,” added Italia Commisso Weinand, Mediacom’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Programming. “REVOLT TV provides a new distinctive and diverse entertainment option for our customers.”

The announcement’s press release closes: “REVOLT recently unveiled its Gen Hip Hop study, a one-of-a-kind hyper-focused research study, exploring the country’s new Americana with Hip Hop at the epicenter. The study analyzes the various psychographics of Hip Hop listeners, and their relationship to a genre that has enabled them a cultural currency, and power to obtain and redefine success, cementing that Hip Hop is more influential than ever before.”

With REVOLT now on Mediacom Communications, staying home just got that much easier!