Last month, Killer Mike and El-P — together known as Run The Jewels — made their official return to music with the new single “Yankee Of The Brave (Ep. 4),” effectively kickstarting their campaign march towards Run The Jewels 4. Recently, they’ve followed that release up with another dope cut titled “Ooh La La,” which features assistance from hip hop legends Greg Nice and DJ Premier via the classic Gang Starr single “DWYCK.” Produced by El-P, Wilder Zoby and Little Shalimar, the more laid-back, off-kilter track sees the dynamic duo rapping the usual reckless, anti-establishment bars we’ve come to love them for:

“First of all, f*** the f***in’ law, we is f***in’ raw, steak tartare, oysters on the half-shell, sushi bar/

Life a bitch, and the p***y fish, still f***ed her raw, I’m a dog, I’m a dirty dog, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha/

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, go in your jaw, shimmy, shimmy, ya, got the semi in the hemi, go and gimme, gimme, ya/

Pugilistic, my linguistics are Jeru the Damaja, and I rap it pornographic, b***h, set up the camera/”

Adding to the promotion and the humor, Run The Jewels decided to superimpose “Ooh La La” over some clips from “The Simpsons,” adding to the long-running meme with the caption, “they really do predict everything huh?”

Speaking to GQ, Killer Mike spoke on how it felt to create Run The Jewels 4 and what fans can expect:

We really caught a groove this record, I will say that. We’ve always had moments where a groove peaks up, like something you could bop your shoulders to and move your ass to. To me this record caught a groove and rode it. This is a Run the Jewels record with a serious move and groove to it. This one is definitely gonna be Move Ya Ass music and I’m ecstatic about it, ‘cause I like dancing.

Press play on “Ooh La La” below.