Cardi B is reportedly recovering after being rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night (March 31). The “I Like It” rapper complained of suffering through stomach pains for multiple days before finally deciding to check herself in to the emergency room.

“Honestly cause I been having some real bad stomach problems for 4 days,” Cardi revealed on Wednesday (April 1) in a since-deleted tweet. The tweet also included a photo of her hospital band, which showed her date of birth, age and the date she was admitted into the hospital.

“I went to the ER last night and I’m feeling way better,” her tweet continued. “Hopefully tomorrow I will feel no more pain.”

Cardi must be feeling somewhat better because later that day she returned to Twitter to prank her fans. The rapper pretended to announce her upcoming single before calling it an April Fool’s Day joke.

“I’m dropping this,” she tweeted, alluding to the single. After fans were sent into a flurry about the impending arrival of her next song, Cardi followed up with “April fools.”

The Bronx-bred rapper has been working on her sophomore album, which will serve as a follow-up to her 2018 debut, Invasion Of Privacy. Last month, the record made history when it became the first female rap debut to remain on the Billboard 200 chart for 100 weeks.

Cardi had previously tied with Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill at 91 weeks, before pulling ahead and breaking the ultimate record.

“Thank you everybody!” Cardi celebrated the feat on Twitter. “Hopefully by the time I put my second album out IOP still charting. It will be dope to have two albums charting at the same time! Ugh THE PRESSURE! Thank you for the love!”

So far, Cardi hasn’t offered a release date for her sophomore LP. However, she has revealed that it’s “getting there” and is just missing a few “club hits.”