Jermaine Dupri is known for discovering some of our favorite artists like Kris Kross, Da Brat, and Xscape. Although this career has been successful, the mogul is now opening up about things that he wished he did when he was younger.

During a question and answer session on the Black Love Instagram page, Dupri reveals that he wished he had pushed TLC at the same time that he was introducing Kris Kross to the world.

“I regret not trying to do TLC at the same time as Kris Kross,” he responded to a question asking which artists he regretted passing up on. “I was only 19 years old at the time and didn’t believe in myself as a person, as someone having the bandwidth to have both artists.”

He continued, “I was putting so much energy into Kris Kross, and I was only giving TLC maybe 30 to 40 percent, not even 50 percent. I felt I was spreading myself thin by trying to provide both of these groups what they needed to become the success they eventually both grew to become. So I eliminated myself from TLC being a group that I actually introduced to the world.”

In an episode of TV One’s “Uncensored,” Dupri previously talked about how he founded TLC before they signed to LaFace Records.

TLC was my group before they got signed to LaFace,” he said. “Left Eye was living at my house when I found Kris Kross. The backward clothes came after we started getting more and more songs. The backward clothes actually came from being around Left Eye. Cause Left Eye was around here trying to cut her sleeves off of every shirt and she had me— I shaved my whole eyebrow off. I only had one eyebrow and I was walking around doing wild shit. I had a nose ring. We was just doing whatever we could do to get somebody’s attention.”

Check out JD’s post below.