As the quarantine continues, you can expect many more songs, dances and visuals to go viral – no pun intended – via the increasing use of social media platforms as a promotional tool. One example comes courtesy of Detroit rapper Curtis Roach, who took to Tik-Tok to beat on the table while rapping the same words over and over:

“Okay I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored…”

Soon after, artists and celebrities like Chance The Rapper, Keke Palmer, Yvng Swag, Jacob Sartorius and Charli D’Amelio picked up on the post, creating Tik-Tok’s of their own using the infectious lyrics. Given that it perfectly describes how everyone is feeling thanks to the still-increasing Coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise how it became a worldwide fan favorite almost as quickly as it was created.

Clearly seeing an opportunity to capitalize, hip hop’s comeback king Tyga took the loop and created a new song with Roach, instantly shifting a simple, stuck-in-your-head clip into a possible chart-topper and dance floor success. In typical fashion, the west coast star raps about money and women over Roach and Pliznaya’s minimal production:

“I need me a thick chick, sittin on a couch and I’m going through my Netflix/

Bored in the motherf***er, I ain’t doin’ s***/

Tell her pull up make it shake like Nesquik/

Neck frozen we’re nowhere to go, b***h, pop in COD on a PS4/

Tell the b***h chill like refrigerator doors/

We can heat up some ramen, can’t go to the store/

Can’t eνen go on tour n***a so bored, I am losing my mind…/”

The light-hearted music video sees the collaborators doing exactly what you’d think – trying to self-entertain while stuck in their respective residences.

Press play on “Bored In The House” below, which is now available for streaming on all of your favorite platforms. Perhaps we’ll be hearing even more from the talented Curtis Roach in the future.