Kodak Black has apparently been transferred to New York’s Niagara County Jail amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Although he didn’t offer the exact reasons behind the move, Kodak did share his new Lockport, New York mailing address with his fans on Twitter.

“This Where I’m At Until This Corona sh*t Ova Wit,” he wrote on Wednesday (March 25).

Prisons have become potentially at-risk communities in the wake of Coronavirus, which is why criminal justice reform leaders like Meek Mill and Yo Gotti have been calling for inmates’ improved safety.

To this measure, last week Mill’s REFORM Alliance unveiled its S.A.F.E.R. plan.

“As our country takes measures to protect against Coronavirus, we can’t afford to forget about the millions of people under the control of our criminal justice system,” REFORM Alliance Chief Advocacy Officer Jessica Jackson previously said in a release. “People in prisons, jails, or under community supervision are more at risk of contracting and spreading the virus, given their age, underlying health conditions, and close contact to each other. Protecting these individuals from coronavirus is not just a moral obligation, but necessary to preserve the health and safety of our communities.”

Kodak recently revealed technical issues happening at his prison, which he believed were Coronavirus-related.

“We had lost power like three times,” he said in a video chat. “Right, corona sh*t got sh*t fu*ked up out there, huh.”

“It’s sad, I just hope that when the world ends I am not in prison bro, cause all these tragedies and sh*t be sad bro,” he continued. “Like how can this sh*t happen like that just turn around and kill all these people, like that.”

The Coronavirus-prompted prison transfer is not the first move Kodak’s had during his 46-month prison sentence. Last year, the rapper claimed he was being mistreated at his Miami prison, which ultimately ended in him being transferred to a Kentucky facility. His lawyer has previously stated that Kodak is “in good spirits” and that his allegations against the Florida jail will be addressed “in good time.”