Atlanta continues to deliver new talent to the hip hop world. To even attempt to go through the entire list of successful artists from that city would be entirely too long, but the likes of OutKast, T.I., 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Jeezy and — more recently — the current Quality Control dynasty have proven that Atlanta still has its neck on hip hop with no chance of stepping away from the throne any time soon.

With that said, the latest is newly-minted Reckless Republic/Island Records signee QRock, who’s been keeping the party going with his unique style of music for years. Now armed with the big machine, he drops off his new single “No No No,” which he reveals via press release that it was created because of newfound relationship woes:

“One night I was in the studio and got caught up by these thotianas. My girl wasn’t having it, and I had to let the world know that these thotianas weren’t going to get me.”

The song definitely matches the description, which QRock giving a real life, almost-animated interpretation of how someone with a significant other would respond to such a possible threat:

No, no thotiana, not gon’ get me!/

Have me and my girl arguing, not gon’ get me!/

Back girl back, go home to your nigga, not gon’ get me!/

You better off tryna get a job, see/

Matter fact you better off runnin in the bank tryna rob, huh/

Not gon’ get me!/

Previously, QRock blessed the world with a couple of projects, Problem’d Child and Hide Yo Beats, which then landed the rising star on the same stages as the likes of Rick Ross and the aforementioned 2 Chainz. Now that his official debut single is released, he also is looking to add a big artist for the sure-to-come remix to the track.

In the meantime, you can press play on “No No No” below.