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The Rona has millions of people across the United States staying indoors in hopes of lessening and flat out eliminating its spread.

Due to Coronavirus, states such as New York, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Washington – thus far – have already issued mandated lockdowns where residents are strictly prohibited from leaving their homes for nonessential events. Restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, bars and more have been closed, as well.

That means people are being forced to keep their behinds in the house. Some are doing pretty well with this, while many others are pulling their hair out because they’re not used to that “quarantine” life.

We feel you. From being used to waking up and going to school or work five days – or more – a week to being confined in your home, for who knows how long, can definitely be a struggle. A real one. Nevertheless, it’s for the best.

While we remain in our feelings until we can finally turn up at a club again, check out our below playlist of songs that are our entire moods right now. They express our desire to stay away from the germs and all things Coronavirus, yet how we feel about being on damn near house arrest.

Stay safe. Stay clean. Stay your ass inside, folks.

When you want to stay inside and remain Rona free…

“Wipe Me Down” – Lil Boosie featuring Foxx and Webbie

“U Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer

“Kiss Me Thru The Phone” – Soulja Boy featuring Sammie

“Too Close” – Next

“Get Back” – Ludacris

“Lay Low” – Snoop Dogg featuring Nate Dogg, Eastsidaz, Master P and Butch Cassidy

But, your cabin fever is real…

“Locked Up” – Akon featuring Styles P

“Sittin’ Up In My Room” – Brandy

“Hard Knock Life” – JAY-Z

What songs have you in your feelings during this time? Let us know.