Last year, Oakland rapper Guapdad 4000 delivered his official debut album Dior Deposits, which saw 13 tracks and appearances from Tory Lanez, G-Eazy, Chance The Rapper, E-40, Mozzy, KEY!, Denzel Curry, 6LACK, Buddy and more. Moving into 2020, he drops off a couple of dope new tracks for us all to enjoy during our presumed quarantines.

Below lies the self-produced “Greedy” and “Platinum Falcon,” the latter of which was released as part of Guapdad’s “Falcon Friday” series. Both stay within the self-confident, scammer-to-rich rapper subject matter that Guapdad specializes in:

B***h I’m the man, I’m not actin’ like I am/

Get some act right, you not off that act, you actin’ for your fans/

B***h I’m active, so I’m actively in action for them bands/

Had a moment, made a movement, gave some money to my mans/

Ricky had crack in his socks, gettin’ money off the market, when he black and he ain’t bought stocks/

N***as ain’t have no black Superman, all a n***a ever had was the man static shock

In an interview with Complex, Guapdad spoke on how he’s manage to carve a niche for himself, which would have happened with or without the proverbial co-sign:

I’m a real n***a, and I’ve always had money and bitches. I conduct myself like a person who did that, who don’t got my feelings into this, and I already know what it is. I appreciate every favor, but at the same time, I’m not asking n****s for favors. If I wanted n****s to do favors, I would try to get them on the biggest song I do, and be a soft-ticket selling artists, and be in the club as much as possible, and move that way. But that’s not what I want to do. I want to play the empty rooms with 15 dudes in there, win those people over, try to sell one hoodie, and keep it moving until I’m playing for thousands. It’s better that way with everything, so when it comes to my relationships, I don’t want to ask nobody for no favor or nothing.

Press play on both “Greedy” and “Platinum Falcon” below.