Eminem found himself at the center of the latest rumor to spawn from the Coronavirus pandemic. On Monday (March 16), the Detroit-bred mainstay was trending on Twitter because many users believed that proposed talks of “martial law” meant they were receiving a new Eminem album.

The rumors began with a tweet from Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who was addressing the recent closure of US schools, restaurants and bars in the continued effort to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

“Please stop spreading stupid rumors about marshall law,” he tweeted on Monday (March 16). “COMPLETELY FALSE.”

“We will continue to see closings & restrictions on hours of non-essential businesses in certain cities & states,” his tweet continued. “But that is NOT marshall law.”

The confusion stemmed from Rubio’s misspelling of “martial law,” which refers to government-instructed military control over the public in response to a temporary emergency. Instead, Rubio typed “Marshall,” which happens to be Eminem’s real first name.

Rumors of an upcoming Eminem album titled Marshall Law quickly spread and even caused the hashtag #MarshallLaw to trend on Twitter.

“Woahhhh eminem is working hard. Releasing a new album called Marshall law when he’s only just released Music To Be Murdered By??” one Twitter user wrote. “Young rappers could never.”

“Just heard Eminem dropped a new album ‘Marshall’s Law,’” another person tweeted. “Sh*t gonna be fire.”

Later on Monday night (March 16), Slim Shady himself had to step in and set the record straight.

“Sorry guys… Marshall Law: not a thing,” he tweeted.

Although Em’s fans will not be receiving a new album from the rapper in the near future, he did recently drop off a wild video for his Juice WRLD-assisted Music To Be Murdered By cut, “Godzilla.”

The Cole Bennett-directed clip included a touching tribute to the late rapper, as well as Eminem doing a variety of wacky antics — including performing surgery with Dr. Dre, getting knocked out by Mike Tyson and throwing up Legos.

See some of the best twitter reactions to #MarshallLaw below.