Cardi B has revealed that her upcoming single is delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has affected artists’ tours, the NBA, music festivals and more. A fan asked Cardi “Where the single ?!?” and she replied, “It’s delay due to the virus.”

Cardi has expressed her concerns regarding the spreading of the virus in a video that was later remixed and has since gone viral. “I ain’t gonna front. A b-tch is scared, I’m a little scared,” Cardi said. “Sh-t got me panickin’, and a lot of you motherf—kers think it’s a joke … but that sh-t right there, just because you’re immune to it, guess what? Your pocket ain’t, b-tch, because a lot of sh-t comes from motherf—kin’ China, b-tch.”

“Let’s stop playing around,” she said in a separate video. “Is this coronavirus sh-t gonna be like a couple of weeks type of sh-t or it’s gonna be a couple of months type of sh-t? Let me know so I can start motherf—kin’ rackin’ up on foods and Monclers so a b-tch could move to motherf—kin’ Antarctica, b-tch. I was really thinking about moving to the islands but the sh-t is motherf—kin’ spreading. I know ain’t nobody going up there but I is, b-tch.”

Despite fans impatiently waiting for new music from Cardi, her debut album Invasion of Privacy is still making history. Nearly two years after its’ release, the record has become the first female rap debut to chart for 100 weeks. Cardi tied Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill for the longest-charting debut by a female rapper back in January.

“Thank you everybody!” Cardi said, thanking her fans and supporters. “Hopefully by the time I put my second album out IOP still charting. It will be dope to have two albums charting at the same time! Ugh THE PRESSURE! Thank you for the love. BGBGBG!”

Check out the remixed video of Cardi B below.