When it comes to the entertainment industry, DaniLeigh isn’t new to this. Having directed a video for Prince’s “Breakfast Can Wait” back in 2013, the Dominican-American multi-talent later signed to Def Jam as a recording artist, adding another hat to her bustling career. Since then, she’s released three projects — 2017’s Summer With Friends EP, 2018’s The Plan, and last December’s My Present, which boasted four tracks for fans to stream during the holiday season.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar last year, DaniLeigh spoke on her chance encounter with Prince:

“At first, he just wanted me to submit a video of me dancing, I’m assuming for choreography and then after I sent him the video, he was like, ‘Okay, I want you to write a treatment for the video and direct it, and I’m gonna give you a whole budget.’”

Now, she’s back with a new single titled “Levi High,” which features DaBaby and sees her referencing the classic denim brand as her go-to for showing off her assets:

“Levi high jeans, sittin’ right, keep that ass up/

Instagram flex, basic h*** gettin’ gassed up/

N***as in my face, boy bye, n***a back up/

I’m a city girl, it’s only right that I act up/

Yeah, it’s the way I act up/

Drink my water and my fruits, so everything be snatched up/

Gettin’ rich for dummies, you should really get your cash up/

Ask me if I give a f***, I wouldn’t give my last f***/”

This isn’t DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s first collaboration. One of her biggest hits to date, “Lil Bebe,” saw a remix upgrade thanks to the Billion Dollar Baby rapper. DaniLeigh is also behind the choreographing in DaBaby’s Broadway-themed visual for “BOP.”

Press play on the heist-themed music video for “Levi High” below, which is also available on all major streaming platforms. Given her skill set, you can probably expect a creative, dope visual for the song to arrive soon.