It was back in 2018 when Joyner Lucas first announced that he was going to release a new album titled ADHD, which would act as the official follow-up to the well-received 508-507-2209. Since then, he’s been buffering the project’s many delays with the singles “I Love,” “Devil’s Work,” “Isis,” “Broke and Stupid,” “10 Bands,” “Revenge” and the title track. He also suffered an unexpected leak by way of an Eminem-assisted cut titled “What If I Was Gay,” which — surprise — sparked a bit of controversy among his fans. Last month, he revealed to the masses that he will finally be dropping ADHD on March 27, putting an end to the long wait.

Today, he holds the fans over once again with another visual from the project for the track “Lotto,” a Mally Mall and ISM Beats-produced celebratory affair that sees him living it up for his birthday:

“It’s my birthday, I’m ‘bout to get lit-lit/

Might blow a bag on the drip-drip/

Make it all back on a quick flip, ayy/

I just need cake and a thick b***h, ayy/

I ain’t have much, just a wishlist/

Now the broke n***a doin’ big s***/

I got the gun lock, loaded, I’m ignant/

So keep one eye open like Slick Rick…/

Known for creative and oft-elaborate videos, “Lotto” continues Joyner Lucas’ formula of keeping his fans just as entertained by what they see as they are by what they hear. The clip shows as ice cream truck handing out what looks like bricks of cocaine to children, a woman twerking to the sounds of a random violinist, a bunch of stone-faced dudes in birthday hats and the satisfying destruction of a house and convenience store.

Check out the video for yourself below. In related news, it also looks like Joyner Lucas will be returning to his well-received freestyle series once ADHD finally makes landfall.