YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s latest visual releases have seemingly kept with the theme of filming as much of his eventful life as possible, ending up with raw, unaltered product that his dedicated fan base can enjoy. This has been the case with his most recent clips for “Ten Talk” and “Lil Top,” the latter of which is taken from his chart-topping album Still Flexin, Still Steppin and has already amassed close to 20 million views on YouTube.

Given that he’s apparently adopted the “if it ain’t broke” formula, the Louisiana star returns with a new video for the track “Drop’em,” directed by Rich Porter and Krispy Kam. Upon pressing play, viewers can see YoungBoy and his crew performing the track in two different locations — at a parking lot with a bevy of women and in and around what looks like a recording studio. The video is fueled by the participants’ high-energy, making the need for unique concepts or a big budget production unnecessary for its success. Simply put, it keeps the focus squarely on the artist and his words, which also stays true to YoungBoy’s in-your-face subject matter:

“Scary ass, dirty in my past with these hunnid rolls/

Could teach a class with all these stacks, the way my money flows/

Yeah, I spent three-fifty and more just for my f***in’ Rolls/

F***, I give a b***h two-fifty or more, I bet I bust his dome/

This that flexin’ talk/

I just pulled this b***h from out the bank, now watch that, make that, woah/

Leave these b***hes blind, I’m so shine the way this Patek spark/

Rest out in the North, get my day one, I flip that cutter off/

Pressure been applied, why I’m so up, it ain’t my f***in’ fault/”

You can check out “Drop’em” below. The track may or may not appear on YoungBoy’s forthcoming release 38 Baby 2, which will hopefully be arriving soon.