Jay Worthy might be one of the most slept-on rappers out right now. The stepbrother of Canadian Pop star Grimes, Jay Worthy has crafted some of the dopest G-Funk tunes in the past few years, creating quality projects alongside west coast peers Mitchy Slick, G Perico and producer Sean House — the latter of whom helped to form LNDN DRGS.

In a past interview with L.A. Weekly, Worthy spoke on how others question his movements given his aforementioned relation to Grimes up north:

“Certain n***as that would meet me in the industry would be like, ‘Who’s blood? You’re with [Grimes], but from over here? .. You gotta do your history, but when you do, you learn that I’m official and not to be played with.”

For his latest, Worthy teamed up with four of the dopest producers — The Alchemist, Jake One, Cardo, and Harry Fraud — and created two tracks with each, ending up with his 8-track Two4one EP. In addition, he’s recruited additional assistance from Kamaiyah, Boogie, G Perico, Elcamino, Larry June, P-Lo, Daytona, Grafh and Pressa, ultimately adding another great addition to his unique discography.

Dedicated fans of the Vancouver-to-Compton emcee have already heard four singles from the project — “Bulls***,” “Bellin,” “Rainy Night in SF,” and “The Routine.” One standout, “Off the S***s,” Jay Worthy can be heard reminding the listener of his qualified background in the streets, as well as its downsides:

“We took an L with Vail and Lug locked in a cell/

I swear life for a street n***a gotta be hell/

But f*** it, came a long way from trappin’ out the bando/

If Ram needs somethin’, do anything he ask for/

Like put it on the line, slip my mask on/

Police knockin’ at the door, but the strap gone/

But it should never come to that…/”

Check out “Two4one” below, available on all major streaming platforms.