The beautiful and talented Keke Palmer seems to have a hat in everything these days. Not only is she a proven actress, she’s also an amazing singer-songwriter who’s been crafting music since her Disney days. More recently, she’s added a heightened level of energy to the daytime talk show circuit, becoming a part of the re-named Strahan, Sara and Keke alongside retired football great Michael Strahan and his co-host Sara Haines. This week, Keke returns to the music front via a new single titled “Got Em Mad,” which features assistance from TK Kravitz.

The song sees the collaborators waxing poetic about staying above the drama, even if their detractors are upset at their success:

“I been movin’ alone, I ain’t never need no one, count on nobody but me/

Now a n***a think he could come round/

Tellin’ me he’ll hold me down, that ain’t gon’ satisfy a thing/

Bae, I know you know what I’m about/

That’s why you thought approachin’ me was the best thing for you…/”

The Derek Blank-directed visual that accompanies the single centers around Keke and TK taking in a sensual burlesque show, with Keke also playing the role of the dancer on stage. Viewers get to see a much sexier side of the multi-talent, who usually portrays a bubbly and more animated persona on-screen.

“Got Em Mad” is said to be taken from Keke Palmer’s forthcoming release The Boss, which will also boast previously released single “Virgo Tendencies,” “Twerk N Flirt,” “BOSSY,” and “Better To Have Loved,” the latter two having been released back in 2018 and 2019, respectively. This isn’t the first time these two have worked together, either — Keke also assisted TK Kravitz on his 2.0 single “Property.”

You can press play on “Got Em Mad” below, which is available on all major streaming platforms.