When it comes to cannabis culture and hip hop, it would be impossible to leave Wiz Khalifa off of that list. The Taylor Gang veteran has both created the perfect tunes to smoke to for two decades, and has even obtained his piece of the industrial pie by developing and commercializing his own popular marijuana strain Khalifa Kush. Even though he’s six studio albums in regarding the subject matter, he doesn’t plan on changing his raps anytime soon. Today, he delivers a new single titled “Bammer,” which sees production from GYLTTRYP and Mustard and takes from RBL — or Ruthless By Law — Posse’s ‘90’s classic “Don’t Give Me No Bammer Weed.”

Keeping with the theme of the original, Wiz Khalifa flexes on wax about his standards for chronic, as well as how he lives his life in regards to women and luxuries:

“Don’t give me no bammer joint/

If it’s in my bag, know the grass on point/

Only real ones roll big doinks/

Kinda into her friend, if she, she can join/

No brake, straight gas, you stallin’/”

Apparently, Wiz’s re-creation of the Bay Area group’s track caused some friction among fans, which led to a social media response from RBL Posse’s remaining member Black C, who seems largely in support of hip hop’s newer generation:

“I know fans hate when an artist re-do a classic song, but [Wiz Khalifa] made this for his fans and the new generation, if you don’t feel this version, our version is still available, I appreciate our fans goin hard for us, and I appreciate him remixing one of our classics. I also give him credit for taking the necessary steps to reach out to me and getting my blessing … I like his version of [‘Bammer.’]”

With that said, you can press play on “Bammer” below, available on all streaming platforms.