NLE Choppa has opened up about his struggles with mental health. The Memphis rapper took to social media to express his troubles, revealing that he is “broke inside.”

Choppa, who revealed that he suffers from depression, explained that he “just wanna be understood.”

He continued, “I think I come off as attention seeking or love seeking cus I never felt it. I’m broke inside tbh they cracc jokes when I let that pain off my chest, man this sh-t therapy for me but they quicc to see he ain’t got problems. That ain’t do nun but distance me from err body I love and put me round a bunch of folks Ian know or fw. Momma worked all day, pops worked all day to get our needs but they low key damged me made me feel kinda unloved. Ion never open up but I be reading them lil comments.”

He then said that he is indebted to his mother. “I owe everything to that lady we go through a lot we it ain’t never been peaches in the cream she worked ha a— off never gave me nun but on my birthday and Christmas told me anything else I gotta earn it b-tch I moved from east Memphis when I was 12 going on 13…,” Choppa said.

The 17-year-old also spoke on the trauma he’s witnessed, saying, “Y’all don’t know me mentally I’m throwed I’m only 17 and done seen trauma and I done did trauma to others. They quicc To say choppa ain’t this chop ain’t that next tattoo session I’m getting a lie detector test we gone see do I rap cap or not.”

Speaking on his depression, he rapper added, “Everybody go through depression I suffer from that I think in the blacc community that shit ignored on my album i got a song for everybody who suffer from bipolar depression, mental health issues man anything I hope it touch u, let u know u not alone I’m with you.”