Despite the best efforts of T.I., Kim Kardashian West and others, Nathaniel Woods was executed by lethal injection on Thursday night (March 5). Meek Mill, who is a prominent advocate for social just reform, vented his frustrations about the Alabama man’s death on Twitter Friday morning (March 6), comparing his execution to a modern-day lynching.

“A black man that didn’t kill nor plan to kill got lynched in 2020 in Alabama!” he tweeted. “As a black man how can you believe in the American justice system ..that sh*t gotta change and if you are white and not a racist STEP UP because you guys have majority control over the system today!!!”

“Lynching should be banned off the simple fact they used to do that to slaves!” the Championships rapper continued in a second tweet.

Woods was convicted as an accomplice in the murder of three Birmingham, AL police officers back in 2005. However, the case had no evidence to support the claim that Woods ever touched the murder weapon. Likewise, Kerry Spencer, who was the actual shooter and is also on death row, testified to Woods’ innocence.

“Nate is absolutely innocent,” Spencer said, according to CNN. “That man didn’t know I was going to shoot anybody just like I didn’t know I was going to shoot anybody that day, period.”

Due to Woods’ perceived innocence, celebrities and social justice leaders flocked to support the 42-year-old man and asked that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey delay his execution.

“ATTN A man’s LIFE IS AT STAKE,” T.I. informed his Instagram followers on Thursday (March 5). “We don’t have time to waste… go to to find out how to contact the gov of Alabama to stop an innocent mans lynching by way of execution. WE MUST ACT NOW!!! This ain’t about race or politics…this about FAIR AND DECENT HUMAN BEINGS STANDING UP FOR WHATS RIGHT.”

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, Martin Luther King III and more had also urged that Woods’ execution be delayed.