Although some fans were hesitant to accept Lil Uzi Vert’s new Eternal Atake release date, the rapper has certainly been making some interesting moves since setting the album’s arrival for this month. Sunday (March 1) saw the release of his first single of the year “That Way” and now he’s posted three potential Eternal Atake cover arts on Twitter, asking fans to vote for their favorite.

“Album Cover for Eternal Atake,” he tweeted on Tuesday (March 3). “You Pick … Go Now.”

The first sparkling illustration shows an outstretched hand, placed beneath a yellow levitating crystal. The second artwork portrays three extraterrestrial beings waving at Earth from the Moon, while a satellite floats overhead. The last option finds Uzi in a crowd of followers, as he holds the key to the universe — depicted as a floating planet and key. This image nods to Eternal Atake’s long delay, with fans holding signs that read “2 years was worth it!” and “Roc Nation saved your career!!!” One sign also refers to Uzi’s latest pseudonym, “Baby Pluto.” Fans have the rest of Tuesday (March 3) to vote for their favorite option.

Late last month on Instagram, the Philadelphia-born rapper teased that Eternal Atake would arrive in two weeks, putting the album’s drop date at March 13. Since the Live session, Uzi hasn’t revealed a tracklist nor made any official announcements. The album has suffered through delays since 2018, which led Uzi to vent frustrations toward his former label, Generation Now. He later left the label for Roc Nation.

Last year, during his Lil Uzi Vert & Friends concert, Uzi again hinted at the project, confirming that he was finished recording.

“I know y’all wondering when I’ma drop my album,” he told the audience. “I’m finally done with that joint.”

Eternal Atake will mark Uzi’s first full-length project since 2017’s Luv Is Rage 2. The album, which also received a deluxe version later that year, saw appearances from Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd and Oh Wonder.