Four years after his tragic death, Bankroll Fresh’s In Bank We Trust is finally set to drop.

In an interview with XXL, Bankroll’s mother Terisa Price announced that his album will be released on Mar. 4, exactly four years after her son was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta studio.

“It’s timing. There’s a time for everything,” Price tells XXL. “There was a time when we was trying to put it three years ago, it was we had a lot of other artists that were on the album, and we had to get a lot of clearances. Just trying to get everything right.”

Price takes note of the impact that her son made on earth before his life was tragically cut short.

“A lot of favorite sayings, his lingo [is] the words everybody’s saying,” Price says. “On TV, on radio a lot of people are saying the words ‘no cap’–he came with that! Well, he made it worldwide with the saying. I mean, I know the word was out there in the atmosphere, but he really put it out there.”

Price recorded a short video to announce the release date for his LP. She thanks everyone for keeping his legacy alive and says that although her son is not here physically, he will live on through his music.

“My son is still alive, I see him every day, I hear his voice,” she said in the video. “He talks to me through his music. This is due in large part to you, his supporters. I appreciate every Long Live Bankroll, every Fresh Friday post, any respectful tribute or gesture of gratitude toward my son’s legacy. These positive expressions of love mean so much to me. They keep me going and I truly appreciate them. My intentions in releasing this album, In Bank We Trust, four years after my son’s death is to set the tone for his ongoing legacy. As long as his spiritual body operates in harmony he is still alive, still making his mark on the world and still carving out a legacy that makes me proud to call him my son. Long Live Bankroll.”

In Bank We Trust will include features from Boosie BadAzz, Persona, Quicktrip, Ques, Street Money Boochie and more. Listen to his mother’s open letter below.