While doing press for his new album PTSD, G Herbo sat down with “The Breakfast Club” and discussed the death of his close friend Juice WRLD.

“That’s my lil’ brother man, I think about him every single day,” Herbo said when asked what Juice WRLD meant to him. “I be saying…like, I don’t know ‘cause I’m in New York y’all probably ain’t gonna like me saying this, but I think what Juice was to our generation—the impact that he had on us—is what Biggie did for New York for real. I really think he had that Biggie Pac effect in his short time here.”

He continued, “He helped people….When I met that kid he had it in his eyes already, he wasn’t trying to chase the glory, he wasn’t doing none of the stuff he was doing because he was famous. Inside out, he did what made him happy, and with him being himself he got a real legacy that’s gonna live on forever. That’s what I mean by that.”

G Herbo recently opened up about his issues with dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. The “Swervo” rapper along with two other men were arrested in 2018 after their limousine driver informed the police that the men had guns. He was against seeing a therapist at first, but then said that his lawyer suggested that it would be beneficial to him.

“When the lawyer told me to go see the therapist, it was really just me embracing it,” said G Herbo during an interview with HipHopDx. “I think I was already aware of the issue, and why I even had to get arrested, or have to carry a gun in the first place.”

“To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with going to share my problems with somebody so I already didn’t think it was something that I would want to do,” he said. “That was probably my first introduction to me embracing my PTSD, but we’re so immune to a lot of this stuff that go on in the inner city with like violence, going to jail and all that kind of sh*t.”

Do you think Juice WRLD is to his generation what Biggie and 2Pac is to theirs? Check out the video of the interview below.