Public Enemy have become the latest rappers to support presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and have even announced that they will perform at his upcoming rally in Los Angeles. The event is set to take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sunday (March 1), with doors opening at 3 p.m. and the rally beginning at 5 p.m.

The Democratic candidate has previously been endorsed by Killer Mike, T.I. and Bun B and was interviewed by Cardi B back in July, after he announced his presidential bid.

“The time is now!” Public Enemy’s leader Chuck D wrote about the rally on Instagram. “FIGHT THE POWER! Pull Up and see [Public Enemy] & [Bernie Sanders] March 1st at the LA Convention Center!”

Despite being known for their politically-driven lyrics and 1988 social activism anthem, “Fight The Power,” the iconic rap group rarely endorses political candidates, as noted by 2008 Green Party vice presidential candidate Rosa A. Clemente on Twitter.

“Yo!! That’s a big deal because I know my brother [Chuck D] does not endorse too many folks,” Clemente wrote. “I mean he did endorse me and Cynthia 🙂 wow wish I could be there for this!!!!”

Chuck D responded to the tweet to provide further insight into his political views.

“I believe in reparations and a lotta issues none of these folks see-as you know Rosa,” he wrote on Wednesday (Feb. 26). “But lemme say this to those reading this..having been to 115 countries this planet is on a spin cycle. Rinsed. These political hogwashes are no longer a USA discussion-it’s a 2020 Earthizen one.”

Public Enemy released their most recent LP, Nothing Is Quick In The Desert, in 2017. The group last performed in May at Amsterdam’s Gods of Rap show, alongside De La Soul, Wu-Tang Clan and DJ Premier. See more details about the upcoming rally here.