Fat Joe and Dre are two legends in the game that really need no introduction — Joe being a New York giant since the 90’s as a part of D.I.T.C., and Dre being one half of Cool & Dre, pioneers and architects of the 808-heavy music that’s taken over the airwaves since the turn of the century. To see that these two are still cooking up quality hip hop is a testament to their well-deserved longevity in the game.

Their collaborative effort Family Ties was easily one of the best hip hop albums of 2019, much in part thanks to charged-up singles like “Pullin” (featuring Lil Wayne), “Yes” (featuring Anuel AA and Cardi B) and “Deep.” Looking to continue the project’s high-profile momentum in the new year, the Bronx-to-Miami duo deliver another clip for the track “Hands On You,” which sees additional assistance from R&B front runners Jeremih and Bryson Tiller. The clip — directed by veteran mogul Irv Gotti — is all money, fast cars, nightlife and women, with the collaborators talking that talk over Boi-1da and Jahaan Sweet’s cinematic soundscapes. Simply put, this is for the high rollers only:

I got free liquor, free liquor/

Gold bottles, we toast ‘cause we richer/

Bella Hadid, Habib, can’t be thicker/

She’s the baddest, believe you me, n***a/

I’m one of the goats/

One of the most/

N***as, this real, f*** how you feel, I’m f***in’ ‘em both/

And this ain’t accidental/

Stop stuntin’, get up out that rental, everything is paid for/

House on the hill, chandelier, the Richard Mille/

He the type to hit the bathroom whenever they bring the bill/

And I’m the type to walk a chick through the kitchen/

Goodfella, when he speaks, they all listen…/”

Check out “Hands On You” below, and — if you haven’t already — pick up your copy of Family Ties here.