If fans thought Drake gave too much heat on is 2018 album Scorpion, the rapper seems to have taken notes, as there will be less tracks on his follow-up album.

While sitting courtside next to the TSN sports commentators at the Toronto Raptors game against the Phoenix Suns on Friday (Feb. 22), Drizzy explained that his “high volume” album strategy came from The Notorious B.I.G. “Notorious B.I.G. put this album out and the ratio songs versus important songs was so incredible that I wanted to set a challenge for myself,” he said.

The “Desires” rapper continued, “I’ve been doing this for like 10+ years as well… Sometimes you need to set a target goal for yourself just to keep it interesting. Last album, I went high volume. I did two sides. It was like 20-something songs, which is a lot of songs. This album I’ll probably make it more of a realistic offering. Something more concise. It could be 10, 11 songs – 16.”

He then added, “I also do a lot of different types of music, so it’s tough to make it like a seven song album…I’m having a lot of fun right now making music.”

Speaking of new music, Drizzy and rapper Benny the Butcher recently teased that a collaboration between the two could be in the works. “Sent [Drake] a record and I kno imma wanna drop it soon as he send it back,” Benny tweeted on Friday (Feb. 21).

Perhaps, fans should have saw this tease coming, as Drake said during a Rap Radar interview that he would be “down” to work with Benny. “Yeah I’m down, I’m down. Benny showed me love one time on an interview, too,” he said. “I think what they’re doing is great, it just reminds me of a different time and it’s not easy to to do; to make that music and come off wavy and be interesting.”