Rich the Kid is back and giving fans twice the music this go ‘round. In a recent interview with Rap-Up, the rapper revealed that his upcoming Boss Man album will contain two parts.

“When I was working on my album, I was just feeling like I’m the CEO of my own label,” he said. “It’s people that tell me what to do, like they can give me their opinion, but it’s not motherf**kers that’s telling me what to do.”

The 27-year-old, who is the CEO of his Rich Forever label, said to expect “a lot of bangers” and “fun music” on the upcoming album. He also said that he’s been working on the second part of the album, which he says will be “more serious.”

As for the artists fans can expect to see on the album, Rich the Kid named Lil Baby, Future, DaBaby and Post Malone.

He continued on Post Malone and said, “We’ve actually known each other for like about five, six years, when he was in Atlanta. We caught back up years down the road.” Rich added, “Post Malone got beats and they’re fire.”

Rich the Kid also collabed with Nicki Minaj. “I just had this song that was perfect to get her on and then she just killed it, this monster verse,” he said. “She’s like one of the first to start the wave for all the other female rappers.”

There also may be a Drake feature, as was seen on the rapper’s Instagram Story.

Boss Man is due to be released next month.

Prior to Boss Man, the rapper released The World Is Yours 2 in March of 2019. During an interview with Billboard, Rich the Kid said he feels like “the hottest rapper in the f**king world.”

He also spoke on what he enjoys about collabing with other artists. “I like bringing the best…when I do a track I pick the beat, I got a very unique beat selection. So when I make the song, I try to hear who I would hear on the song for the fans, not only for myself,” he said.