The hosts of REVOLT TV’s own “State of the Culture” sat down with Chantelle Rochelle of AOL Build to discuss the new season of the hit show. Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Eboni K. Williams, and Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins let fans know what they can expect this season.

Rochelle asked the group what the show was about and how it was created.

“The show is a hip hop panel talk show that’s about all the things that are happening in hip hop and hip hop culture as well as the things that are not happening,” Budden answered.

He continued, “The show came to be because Puff [Diddy] and myself probably felt it was a void and a vacancy in the talk space in terms of certain things that needed to be addressed for us and by us.”

An audience member was chosen to ask the group a question. She asked, “Since hip hop has started having a pretty notable impact on things like politics, what other areas of society or life do you guys feel hip hop could also influence?”

Remy replied, “I like to call it [hip hop] the CNN of the culture, of what’s going on. So when it first came out that was what people listening to music for. In hip hop particularly, they would talk about what was going on in the neighborhoods whether it was police brutality, drug use, things with parents, family issues and now it’s on such a large scale…that the stature of the people that are telling these stories is much higher.”

She continued, “I can’t name how many [politicians] have reached out to you know artists to come and help speak whatever point that they’re trying to get across. I feel a lot of the elections that are even being held in the most recent years have been pushed forward mainly by entertainers, celebrities, and creatives.”

You can catch new episodes of “State of the Culture” on Monday’s online at 5 pm ET and Tuesday’s on REVOLT TV at 10 pm. Check out the full interview below.