Rapper turned tech investor Chamillionaire sat down with Dame Dash on “Boss Talks” and discussed how MC Hammer still owns a piece of Twitter.

According to Chamillionaire’s story, he ran into MC Hammer at a tech event at Facebook’s headquarters after he had been going from tech event to tech event to find him. The two argued for hours because Chamillionaire felt like Hammer had information on investing in the tech industry that he wasn’t telling anybody. Hammer says he was frustrated because rappers wouldn’t take his advice on investing their money.

“He was basically saying, and I understand he was frustrated,” Chamillionaire said to Dash. “He was like, ‘I give the game about these tech companies to all these artists and they don’t be getting it. They be like, ‘pay me to tweet.’ Meanwhile, he owns a piece of Twitter.”

Dash then points out how we only hear negative things about Hammer, but no one talks about him being an owner of Twitter.

“Most of the people that complain about people or y’all bad about successful people, they won’t even accomplish like one percent of that in their lives,” Chamillionaire replied to Dame’s statements. “People that will never ever a smash hit single and if somebody gets one they’ll be like ‘uh oh you only have one.’”

Since the mid-90s, Hammer has been creating and investing in tech companies. He’s reportedly invested in multiple companies including Twitter and YouTube.

Back in 2014, “This Is 50” asked Hammer was he an owner of Twitter and he denied it. The reporter asked, “Is it true that you were one of the owners of Twitter?”

Hammer replied, “Aye man, I’m not answering no questions like that on public platform.” He continued, “No, no I’m not an owner of Twitter. I’ve been at Twitter since its founding, and uh…we’ll leave it at that right now.” Sounds like Hammer wants to keep his ownership status private.