Following a series of love-related releases, hip hop giants Future and Drake decided to up the ante for the holiday weekend by delivering a remix of their latest chart-topping collaboration “Life Is Good.” This time, they add in white-hot young guns Lil Baby and DaBaby to the formula for an explosive remix that’s sure to keep the single ahead of the pack for the rest of the season.

On said remix, Drake switches up by giving Future most of the opening duties, who delivers one of his best verses thus far — 36 bars about his wealthy lifestyle, gangster ties, what sounds like his son’s current reported predicament and more:

“In the tax bracket, you n***as beneath me/

Who causin’ a racket in Jamaica on the weekend/

Cop a ticket on vacation, I ripped up the receipt/

And she call me daddy ‘cause my money long like Stevie/

Take down with my son, right or wrong, FBG s***/

How you gon’ be gang but be richer than your bloodline/

Come in with some Talibans, everythin’ gettin’ gunned down…/”

Following the now-famous beat change, DaBaby and Lil Baby show just why they’re two of the hottest in the game right now:

“I can’t even tell all the flaws/

I ain’t been the same since they crossed me/

You know how they do when you poppin’/

You know Baby can’t do all that talkin’/

I got fools tryna sue up in Boston/

I got dudes tryna sue down in Florida/

I got hoes in L.A., got a new boo from Georgia/

A milly, saved up to give to my daughter…/”

What makes this collaboration even more exciting is the fact that all four artists have alluded to releasing new projects this year, meaning that you can expect these guys to continue keeping their proverbial feet on their competitors’ necks for the foreseeable future (no pun intended).

Press play on “Life Is Good (Remix)” below.