Legendary R&B singer Rick James has been accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in a Child Victims Act lawsuit. According to the Buffalo News, the lawsuit alleges that the singer raped the teen at a group home for troubled youths in Buffalo back in 1979.

The plaintiff, who is not identified in the lawsuit, is seeking $50 million in damages. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday (Feb. 13) against the singer through the James Ambrose Johnson Jr. 1999 Trust, which is run by his estate.

The lawsuit claims that James raped the teen in a bedroom in the home where she lived temporarily. The plaintiff said that she did not know who the singer was when he visited the group home and was introduced to the residents. “Almost immediately, Rick James was very suggestive and inappropriate towards me. He made me feel very uncomfortable,” the woman said in an affidavit.

She additionally said that James approached her when she was in her bedroom. The woman said she tried to resist him, but was threatened. James allegedly told her, “Shut up and quit moving or I’ll cut you.” The plaintiff said that she has “suffered physical, psychological and emotional problems as a result of the rape,” according to The Buffalo News.

“This traumatic experience has caused me everlasting damage and I would like to preserve my privacy in this matter,” she said in the affidavit.

Darren Seilback, an attorney with the Oddo & Babat law firm in New York City, said the woman told someone that James had raped her, but the incident was not reported to the police. “She did report it. More facts will come out as the case proceeds,” Seilback said.

He also said that the plaintiff never confronted James following the alleged assault, nor did she contact any of his representatives.

Rick James was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Aug. 6, 2004.