Soulja Boy is being sued for an undisclosed amount of money over allegations of assault, battery and false imprisonment by his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers. After criminal kidnapping charges against the rapper were previously dropped, TMZ reports that Myers has now filed a civil lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

According to the outlet, Myers claims Soulja hit her in the head with a gun and that she was sexually assaulted in his Malibu home last February. The incident allegedly began with a verbal argument between Myers and one of Soulja’s assistants. Myers claims the assistant knocked her on the ground and that later on Soulja “approached yelling profanities and kicked her, stomped her on the stomach and bashed her head with a large gun.”

“[He] held the gun to her head and told her she was going to die that night and would not make it home,” her lawsuit continues, according to The Blast. Myers claims she was “hurt so badly that she had trouble breathing.”

Her lawsuit further alleges that Soulja instructed his assistant to take her back inside and give her multiple showers.

“[Soulja] was not happy with how [Myers] looked after the shower and asked her to take a second shower because she still had mud and dirt on her from when [he had] beat her by his driveway,” the suit reads.

Later, Myers claims she was tied up with an extension cord and duck tape and held captive in the garage. She says she was released the following morning, after one male assistant allegedly forced her to perform oral sex. She is reportedly pursuing a separate lawsuit against the assistant for sexual battery.

She “felt she has no choice but to perform oral sex on him in order to escape the garage,” the suit reads.

Myers claims she filed a police report following her release and says she was taken to a hospital to treat her sustained injuries, including three fractured ribs and facial bruising.

Soulja was previously arrested in April for a probation violation, after police officers had been notified about an alleged kidnapping. Executing a search warrant, authorities found gun ammunition, which was a violation of his probation terms. The rapper was sentenced to seven months in prison last May, but was released in July for good behavior, overcrowding and time served.