Google had the internet on fire during the 62nd Grammy Awards with their new Black History Month commercial.

Google tweeted, “This February, we’re celebrating the Black history makers who have helped shape and influence American culture. According to @GoogleTrends data, these icons, events and movements are #TheMostSearched in the U.S. →… #BHM.”

The commercial opens with the phrase, “There are moments in American history that captivate us all.” You then hear a band perform and see video from Beyoncé’s infamous Coachella performance, which was the most search performance on Google.

The commercial was filled with nothing but black excellence. The late Prince was shown in the commercial as having the most searched guitar solo. John Legend was named the most searched EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winner. The late Maya Angelou was named the most searched female poet. The most searched dunk belonged to none other than Michael Jordan. The most searched tennis player is Serena Williams. Lebron James was named the most searched athlete.

Not only did Google celebrate black people in the commercial, they celebrated black moments as well.

Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech is the most searched speech. The most searched star spangled banner performance belonged to none other than Whitney Houston. The civil rights movement is Google’s most searched movement.

The commercial closed with the words, “To the history makers and those they inspire, search on.” It was met by a lot of positive praise following its premiere.

One viewer tweeted, “I shed a few tears watching the Google commercial. Black is so powerful. It is such an honor to be black. With EVERYTHING against us, we are the pioneers. We are the greatest. This shit is amazing.”

Another tweeted, “…The amount of #BlackExcellence in this commercial is making me cry tears of joy. We have truly come a LONG way… may we KEEP breaking barriers and being GREAT! @GOOGLE your advert is phenomenal!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾…#IStan.”

Check out the commercial below.