The Game is a Compton-native and has explained his decision to relocate from his birth-city to Beverly Hills. In his cover story for NME magazine, the rapper revealed that a bullet went through his son’s car seat. He said, “I was f—in’ five times Platinum and still getting in shoot-outs in my neighborhood.”

“The thing that changed my life was when a bullet went through my son’s car seat and I was just about to go into the house and get him and put him in the car,” The Game added. “A bullet hole was in the car seat where his head would have been. And on that day, I moved out of Compton and got me a condo in Beverly Hills.”

The Game is no stranger to speaking out on violence and wrongdoing. He recently called the LAPD “the biggest gang” following YG’s arrest for an alleged robbery. “Funny how @YG gets arrested the weekend of the Grammy’s when he’s supposed to hit the stage in Nip’s honor. #LAPDtheBiggestGangHere,” he tweeted.

YG was released Friday night (Jan. 24). The rapper walked free from Los Angeles County jail after posting his bond, which was set at $250,000. He due to be arraigned in court on Tuesday (Jan. 28th).

The rapper was arrested after police served at warrant at his home. Very few details have been provided surrounding the case, but YG’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, did say that his client was “caught off-guard” by the arrest. Tacopina told TMZ, “He’s an individual who doesn’t understand what they’re talking about, up to the point where he thinks they have the wrong person.”

Like The Game, many were concerned that YG’s arrest would affect his Nipsey Hussle Grammys tribute, but he is expected to perform.

The Grammys airs tonight (Jan. 26) on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and Revolt TV will be providing coverage of the award show.