Joycelyn Savage is now ignoring her close family members as she handles her battery case.

R. Kelly’s girlfriend went to court today to plead not guilty to battery for attacking Kelly’s ex, Azriel Clary. As Savage left the courtroom, she was quickly met by her two younger sisters. The sisters tried to get Savage’s attention, but she ignored them and continued her phone call.

According to video footage obtained by TMZ, Savage continued walking down the sidewalk and is then approached by her mother. Her mother yells out “I need to talk to you” as her daughter ignored her. Savage quickly got into her car with a woman who is assumed to be her lawyer. As she gets into the car, you can hear one of her sisters say “look at the documentary” and “he’s been lying!”

Savage has not had a relationship with her family in years. She and Clary both lived with Kelly and were in a relationship with him.

Early January, Savage and Clary got into a screaming match that turned physical, at Kelly’s Trump Tower condominium. Clary accused Savage of sleeping with her when she was still a minor right before the fight took place. Clary went to police and pressed charges on Savage and she was arrested for battery. Clary has since moved out of Kelly’s home and has reunited with her family.

A few weeks ago, Savage actually spoke to her family for a few minutes after her hearing, although she previously accused her parents of lying and trying to get money from Kelly. Her parents’ attorney said there were lots of hugs during the meeting and that her family urged her to come home. Savage was given contact information for her parents and reportedly said she’s willing to reach out to them in the future. No word on why she refused to talk to her family this around.

Do you think that Savage will ever leave R. Kelly and go back to her family?