Tisha Campbell is opening up about her reaction to Martin Lawrence’s recent comments regarding her 1997 sexual harassment lawsuit. On The Talk Thursday (Jan. 16), Campbell said that she was “shocked” by Lawrence’s comments.

“I can’t go into much detail about the past because there was a confidentiality agreement, so the gag order says no,” she began. “But what I can say is…I was actually kind of shocked.”

After taking a day to contemplate how she would react to the comments, she decided to just hit Lawrence up directly. “He was like, ‘Yeah, T, don’t read into what it is, there’s a lot of people that’s trying to bring up the past, and trying to make it news today. But, you know T, we’re good. I love you and I love your family.’”

In the interview with GQ, Lawrence talked about why his hit show “Martin” ended.

“Well, how can I say this? It just was time to end. Let’s just put it that way. It was just, at that time, there was some, um, there were some things that was being said that—,” he said.

The interviewer asked Lawrence, “You’re talking about Tisha Campbell’s lawsuit?” He replied, “Yeah. Yeah…Because none of that was true. It was all a lot of bullshit.”

When asked whether or not he and Campbell ever talked about the lawsuit, he replied, “We don’t need to talk about something that just didn’t happen. So I just decided to walk away from the show. I just decided to end it. People said that I got canceled, but that wasn’t the case. I decided to just leave the show.”

“I love Tisha. I’ve seen her then and now, now and then, always with nothing but love,” Lawrence continued. “I have nothing but love for her, and I always have.”

In 1997, Campbell sued Lawrence for sexual harassment. She claims that the sexual harassment happened on and off the screen. She refused to film scenes with Lawrence during season five of “Martin,” and the show ultimately ended.

Are you happy to see the old friends reconcile? Take a look at the clip below.