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Five classic moments from 'Martin,' in light of a possible reboot

Martin, Pam, Gina are supposedly all in for a reunion, so it's time to go down memory lane.


It's been well over 20 years since Martin and Gina packed their bags, said peace to Detroit, and WZUP to California. Ever since its 1997 finale, Martin has lived on in countless re-runs (thanks to television syndication), the hip-hop memory bank, and overall a special place in the hearts of fans. The hit comedy sitcom held down the primetime slot on Fox for five seasons and held the title for being one of the greatest programs to ever grace television. These days, the series is regarded as more than just a show — it's a cultural touchstone. Should the cast's hints hold any validity, fans will get another chance to live through another day in the life of Martin, Gina, and the whole gang.

As reported earlier this week, Tisha Campbell-Martin referenced a "very exciting" surprise in the works. "It has been an honor to be 'Gina' all these years, and it's surprising that people still love those characters so much," the actress told Hip Hollywood. "I can't tell you anything! But it's very exciting." If that wasn't enough to further the hype, Martin himself, alongside Tisha and Tichina Arnold, added more excitement into the speculation by telling reporters "never say never" to a possible reunion.

With the buzz building, we compiled a few of our favorite moments that will live next to Cole's Rent 'Em Spoons idea in TV heaven. WZUP, WZUP, WZUP?!!

That "New Jack City" moment

Besides the fact that it was flat-out funny, and found the cast hilariously breaking character, the "Suspicious Minds" episode saw Martin pulling out a New Jack City parody all over a missing CD player. Why wouldn't this be classic? As much of the series were grounded on a great deal of improvisation, which allowed for an organic chemistry between the cast, this moment demonstrated its sheer brilliance. Nobody was ready for that stuffed Rottweiler.

"That ain't no damn puppy"

Martin and Pam banding together to fight a "no damn puppy" for over 90 seconds? Classic. What was originally supposed to be sexy-time between Martin and Gina turned into Wrestlemania when a rat/possum/raccoon lookalike scuttles into their Chilligan's Island room and interrupts their weekend. From there, Martin spends over a minute duking it out with the rodent, which would later return only to catch the fade from both Martin and Pam.

"Imma get right to the point..."

Martin gets a ticket for running a stop sign, which he denies. So what does he do? After learning that the case could get dismissed if the officer doesn't show up in court, Martin chooses to fight the charge. In doing so, Ol' Marty Mar shows up to court and goes to the extremes of bringing in witnesses and pleading insanity — again, all for a traffic ticket. Oh, and we can't forget this famous quote from Tommy (Rest in Peace): "G.T.D.: Got the Draws."

B.I.G. in the house

In one of the series' most iconic moments, Biggie makes a special guest appearance and causes a scene. If you weren't fortunate to have experienced the era in which Biggie was the hottest rapper around, this episode offers a glimpse into the magnitude of his star power. It's a special time capsule for rap fans, and if you don't know, now you know.

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