With so many new rap albums, mixtapes, EPs and songs dropping every week; knowing which ones are worth your time can be a challenge. But no worries, we’ll help smooth out the process with “Now N’ Laters,” a column that highlights the hottest new releases of the week and the songs you’ll want to listen to now — and later.

With 2020 finally upon us, many artists are still in the process of gearing up for the new year. However, that hasn’t kept a handful of acts from immediately jumping into the fray with new projects. Since liberating his Rich Forever 4 mixtape this past summer, Famous Dex has been relatively quiet on the musical front, but breaks his silence with Dexter 2031, a quick-strike EP that finds him treading familiar territory. Coming off a successful campaign that saw his stock rise to unprecedented levels, Detroit rep Sada Baby kicks off the year with Brolik featuring G Herbo, BlocBoy JB, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Skilla Baby, Fredo Bang, TEC, and Shittyboyz BabyTron. And last, but not least, Atlanta’s own Johnny Cinco delivers Hood Drake that includes guest spots from Quez4Real.

With all three releases getting airplay and dominating the conversation, REVOLT shares our critics’ picks for the three songs from each project that stand a cut above the rest and should be in your heavy rotation now — and later. Be sure to let us know what your favorites are.

Famous Dex: Dexter 2031

“Off A Pill”

Belincookdthis, JAYSTONBEATS and MVAbeats combine their talents to craft the instrumental for this introductory number that Dexter attacks with a vengeance. Rapping while in a drug-induced haze, Dex’s violent and sexual exploits are the topic of conversation, resulting in a solid selection to add to the “Pick It Up” creator’s list of fan-favorites.


Things get turned up a notch when Dex lets loose on this sparse composition, which finds the Chicagoan employing an off-kilter delivery to get his point across. Equipped with drugs, women and guns, the possibilities are endless for Dex.

“Cash Up”

Drums crash atop rolling 808s and terse piano keys, as Dexter checks his money machine in between popping pills and loading clips on this selection. Littering the track with his signature arsenal of ad-libs, the artist casts himself as a heartless boss with self-satisfaction and his enemies’ demise being his only concern.

Sada Baby: Brolik


Sada Baby soars off the turnbuckle with a slamming lyrical performance on this nod to the World Wrestling Federation and its most memorable stars. Dispersing his bars at a rapid clip, his relentless flow is unleashed, as he dominates the proceedings in aggressive fashion.


Fluttery flutes arrest the listeners attention upon pressing play on this cut that Sada Baby matching wits with alongside fellow Midwestern rep G Herbo. Despite being titled after the famed pastry desert, Sada and Herbo make it clear that ain’t nothing sweet on their side with this explosive collaborative effort.


Skuba phones in BlocBoy JB and Hoodrich Pablo Juan for added reinforcement on this closing number, which finds the trio levying idle threats from the frontline of their respective locales. Devoid of a hook, this rhyme-fest is captivating from beginning to end; as Sada, Pablo and JB get turn in riveting stanzas with plenty of quotables to spare.

Johnny Cinco: Hood Drake

“Just Do It”

Nike’s iconic slogan is jacked by Cinco for this heater, on which the ATL native throws caution to the wind while in the pursuit of money, power and respect. Produced by Itsyungonthatrack, who accentuates the 808-driven backdrop with twangy guitars, this tune is a menacing one that captures its host’s mean streak.

“Round & Round”

Johnny Cinco professes his love and loyalty to his better half on this mellow groove, which finds him leaning on his chops as a crooner while tackling the hook. Produced by OG Parker & Rascal, this ditty is a dark-horse candidate for becoming a breakout hit and showcases his ability to switch from trigger-happy anthems to more melodic fare.

“You See Me”

Gino helms the boards on this inspirational salvo, which documents Cinco’s rise from rags to riches, and the hard times endured. Crediting his success in the rap game and trap game with bettering his financial situation, the rapper saunters over percussion while reporting live from the lap of luxury on this outing.