Tyler Perry is making his Netflix debut with his newest film, A Fall From Grace.

The film is set to debut Jan. 17 and stars Cicely Tyson, Bresha Webb, Crystal Fox, Mehcad Brooks, and Phylicia Rashad. Fox stars as Grace Waters, a woman who seemingly finds love with a younger man, played by Brooks. In the trailer, Brooks sweeps Waters off her feet, but trouble soon follows. The only one who can help Waters unravel her story and prove her innocence in the murder of her husband, is a public defender named Jasmine, who is played by Webb.

While the trailer was met with praise from some people on social media, it was also met with criticism from others. One social media user tweeted, “When will black women be happy in Tyler Perry ’s movie? I need Tyler Perry to go to therapy and work out whatever issues he has with Black women.”

The film was shot entirely at Tyler Perry Studios and will be the studio’s first movie release since the studios’ grand opening. Perry recently made history as he became the first black man to own a major movie studio in the United States.

The celebrities came out in droves on Saturday (Oct. 5) to celebrate the grand opening of his studio in Atlanta.

Big names such as Oprah Winfrey, Taraji P. Henson, Jill Scott and Whoopi Goldberg made appearances at the star-studded gala, which was held at Perry’s new 330-acre lot. Other Hollywood heavyweights such as Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Halle Berry were in attendance as well.

Winfrey was beyond excited about her friend’s grand opening. “He didn’t wait for other people to validate or to say you should go this way or that way. He said I’m going to create my own way and as we can see here, become a force for himself,” she told The Associated Press. “I remember when he was thinking about buying this place and I said ‘You’d be crazy not to take it,’” Winfrey added.

Take a look at the trailer below.