The premiere of “Surviving R. Kelly II: The Reckoning” featured interviews with R. Kelly’s brothers, Carey and Bruce, survivor Tiffany Hawkins, Dame Dash, music industry executives and more. Among the interviewees, Carey Kelly revealed further shocking details about past accusations against the R&B singer.

During his interview, Carey Kelly claims that Kelly tried to bribe him to claim responsibility for the infamous 2002 child pornography tape, which showed Kelly having sex with and urinating on an allegedly underage girl. Carey says that Kelly offered him $50,000 and more if he took the fall and said it was him in the incriminating video.

“He was asking me, ‘You need to say that was you.’ Commit a crime pretty much to say that was me on the tape with a minor,” Carey said, as reported by Daily Mail. “He was saying, ‘Man I’ll buy you a car, I’ll buy you a record deal, I’ll give you $50,000’… Perjure myself in a court of law and risk jail time for some stuff that didn’t have anything to do with me.”

“I said, ‘Let me tell you something man. You ain’t got enough money for me to say that’s me,’” Carey continued. “Because it ain’t worth me selling my soul.”

Kelly had even gone as far as to convince his music executive co-workers that it was his ‘twin brother’ in the tape. However, Kelly was later acquitted on child pornography charges stemming from the tape in 2008 because jurors couldn’t confirm whether or not the girl was underage.

Elsewhere in the episode, Carey also revealed a different tape that he discovered. He recounted how he’d borrowed a movie from Kelly, which ended up being a sex tape with underage girls.

“I put the tape in, and what’s on this tape is these little girls that he done filmed over,” he remembered. “He asked these girls on this tape, ‘How old are you?’ It was like he was interviewing them. And they were like, ‘13.’ These were white girls that were 13. In the system, [that’s] a different ballgame than a black girl that’s 13. He would have been gone.”

Carey admitted that instead of reporting the tape, he gave it back to Kelly, who destroyed it.

“Robert ended up coming to Chicago and I gave it to him and he burned it up,” he said.

The first two episodes premiered on Thursday night (Jan. 2) as the beginning of a three-night series. Three more “Surviving R. Kelly II: The Reckoning” episodes are expected to air through Saturday (Jan. 4).