“Saturday Night Live,” aka “SNL,” is an Emmy Award-winning, late-night comedy show that displays comedic sketches, funny news of the latest trends, and a platform to help aspiring entertainers make it in the industry. This TV series has been home to notable entertainers such as Kenan Thompson, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and more. The show has been running for over four decades, and one of the most unforgettable moments on the show is bringing in a celebrity to host and be part of the cast for one night only.

In these hilarious episodes, celebrities have the chance to think outside the box, have fun, and make people laugh on a larger scale. While hosting, celebrities can also use the platform to engage with the audience and show the world their personality outside of what they may be known for. While we enjoy one-liners and punch lines, the beginning monologues are something fans will always remember for years.

Check out these 15 memorable monologues from some of your favorite stars below.

1. Bernie Mac

The world fell in love with the late comedian and actor Bernie Mac from his standup comedy specials and family TV series “The Bernie Mac Show.” Bernie Mac, born name Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, was a force on the stage. For SNL, Bernie Mac shared his thoughts about the state of the world at the time and his funny way of protecting himself from strangers. This particular moment was so memorable that his daughter, Je’Niece McCullough, took to social media to honor her father and commemorate the day, April 5, 2003.

2. Chris Rock

Back to where it all started, Chris Rock began his career on the late-night sketch show and has been honored to be an alumnus and return to the stage as a host. He first hosted SNL in 1996 and has been back multiple times since. This monologue was one of the funniest, and he left his mark on the show. He talks about his life after being on “SNL” as a cast member and how he loves his standup comedy show. Rock left audience members in tears from laughter and a great opening to an even better show episode.

3. Tiffany Haddish

After her epic role in the 2017 movie Girls Trip, co-starring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish graced the “SNL” stage as the first Black female comic to host the decades-long series ever. During her monologue, Haddish reflects on watching the SNL show growing up in foster care, her thoughts about worldly news, and advocating about making your own choices regarding fashion. While this tidbit was a hilarious start for the episode, this historic moment showed the world that the show is becoming more inclusive to different comedic talents and opening doors for Black female comedians in the future.

4. Eddie Murphy

This monologue was one for the books. After 35 years, Eddie Murphy reestablished himself on the “SNL” stage and was welcomed with open arms. Audience members greeted the comedian with a chant from fans appreciating the comedy legend’s return. In 2019, Murphy wrapped filming the sequel to the hilarious film Coming to America with co-star and fellow comedian Arsenio Hall. However, Hall is one of many comedians that Murphy has been working with. During his speech, Murphy is joined by Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle. The four take over the SNL stage and display one of the most significant moments in “SNL.” Seeing some of the greatest Black comedians in the world all together to deliver joy and laughter for the world during the holiday season.

5. Michael B. Jordan

Being dubbed as the sexiest man alive by PEOPLE Magazine in 2020, Michael B. Jordan can be known as one of the smoothest hosts fans have ever seen. In his monologue, Jordan reflects on what the industry has been like. From his first acting role at age 16 on the famous drama “The Sopranos,” directing his first film “Creed III,” and experiencing his first public breakup with comedian Steve Harvey’s daughter, Lori Harvey. Jordan reassured viewers that even though he was back on the market, he was doing fine. Different female cast members joined him on stage, cementing his 2020 title and a great way to show Jordan’s lighthearted side outside his usual film roles.

6. Drake

For his first time hosting, the rapper honors his hometown, Toronto, CA, and reflects on his growing up navigating his mixed culture of being Jewish and Black. Drake takes the “SNL” audience back to 1999 when he had his Bar-Mitzvah. Since this was a special moment for Drake to see both sides of his family officially meet, in a hilarious reenactment, Drake shows the differences his family members may have and their similarities. The Canadian artist ends his “SNL” moment with a rap solidifying “he’s Black and Jewish” and for people to get it mistaken.

7. Dave Chappelle

This comedic icon has always been able to bring humor to serious situations. In 2016, Dave Chappelle hosted “SNL” and brought up the latest political climate and how he has been navigating the news. After former President Barrack Obama served two terms and made history as the first Black president in America, the world dealt with the reality of Donald Trump as the next man to take the presidential seat. Chappelle did not shy away from how Trump has impacted society and what the country’s future may look like under his position. The comedian also shared how his life has changed for the better since he finally became rich. After experiencing a low-income upbringing, Chappelle was proud to say that living a luxurious life was a goal he once deemed impossible. He was also hopeful after seeing the progress that has been made for Black people and the countless possibilities within government and other industries in societies.

8. Quinta Brunson

Hosting SNL had been a dream come true for the comedian, actress, writer, and producer Quinta Brunson. Brunson uses her platform not only to promote her award-winning ABC comedy series “Abbott Elementary” but also to send an inspiring and necessary message about the lack of resources for teachers in the education system. She begins her monologue by expressing the unrealistic expectations society has on her to fix public school issues and ends with advocating for teachers to get paid “the money they deserve.” Brunson is a proud product of a hard-working teacher and hopes that the world shines a light on the work teachers continue to do worldwide.

9. Tracy Morgan

This monologue was a testament to the saying, “Everyone deserves a second chance at life.” In June 2014, Tracy Morgan and three other passengers were unfortunately in a fatal car accident. While Morgan was among one of the survivors, he suffered from a brain injury, multiple fractures, and internal bleeding. One year later, Morgan reached out to his comedy family and was given the chance to return to the stage. To show the overflowing love and support he has from his “30 Rock” co-stars, viewers could witness the reenactment of a 2012 episode where Morgan’s character Tracy Jordan almost died from an unrelated incident. This moment was special for Morgan to be back in the comedy game, but it also affirms that during life’s most challenging moments, friends and family know how to stick together.

10. Donald Glover

After auditioning for the improv series twice, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, finally got the chance to join the “SNL” cast as the host and musical guest in 2018. Glover shared all of his accomplishments in film and TV and explained how his portfolio should prove that he belongs in the “SNL” cast. The monologue went on to interact with different cast members, ending with Glover supposedly playing the clarinet for it to be derailed from an upset stomach. This funny monologue proved that Glover “can do anything” when you set your mind on it.

11. LeBron James

Being one of the most memorable athletes to host “SNL” since Michael Jordan in 1991 and Peyton Manning in 2007, LeBron James showed his acting skills in his “SNL” monologue in 2007. After leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA finals, LeBron talks about his basketball career and shouts out his family in his hometown. James takes his monologue a little further and plays three different personas of his “family members” and ends with him showing the audience how to fix the healthcare system. Since “SNL,” LeBron James has respectively become one of the greatest basketball players of all time. As he continues breaking barriers for himself and his children in the sports industry, this monologue proves that LeBron has some serious talent on and off the court.

12. Chance the Rapper

While Chance the Rapper has been a musical guest on the SNL stage before, the Chicago native had a chance to really show his acting and comedic talents in this episode. Not only did Chance the Rapper sing a nice jingle for the Thanksgiving holiday, but he also showed his philanthropic side by pledging to give $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. This was an important moment to show the world that after the catchy songs and worldly music tours, entertainers believe in giving back to the community.

13. Ayo Edebiri

After her epic performance on the FX comedy-drama series “The Bear,” Ayo Edebiri hosted SNL for the first time at the top of 2024. On “The Bear,” Edebiri plays Sydney Adamu. A young chef who is working in a Chicago-based restaurant alongside her co-star Jeremy Allen White, who you may know from the 11 seasons running drama series “Shameless.” Coming from an African and Caribbean household, Edebiri jokes about the career goals her parents have put on her and her siblings. While she chose comedy as her profession, it has really paid off. Since starting as a standup comedian, Edebiri has experience writing jokes and sketches. She mentions in her monologue that she wrote a sketch packet for “SNL” but never submitted it. She goes on going through the different ideas she wrote so long ago and highlights a catchphrase she hopes will reach notable figures for years to come.

14. Chadwick Boseman

Our very own superhero hosted “SNL” in 2018, two months after the recording-breaking motion picture Black Panther was released in theaters. The late Chadwick Boseman was a fantastic actor and inspired hundreds of people to believe that there is a superhero in all of us with life-changing powers. During his monologue, Boseman reflects on his roles playing historical figures such as baseball player Jackie Robinson and the “Godfather of Soul,” James Brown. Boseman is also joined by former cast member Keenan Thompson, who portrays another Marvel character that comic book enthusiasts have all grown to love. To honor one of the greats, Boseman ends his speech by breaking out into dance, honoring James Brown, and bringing the audience to their feet.

15. Jamie Foxx

The triple-threat talent hosted “SNL” for the second time in 2012. Jamie Foxx opens his monologue by saying, “Black is the new white.” The comedian-turned-actor humorously reflects on very “Black” situations and shouts out America’s first Black president, Barack Obama, for winning a second term in the White House. The R&B singer segways into a musical number by playing the piano and making the women in the audience cheer and applaud. A pleasant surprise at the end of the song was an appearance by Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz.